Our Games


For Aerolite

Aerolite Adventure is a 2D Platformer currently in development for Desktop and Mobile Platforms. What separates it from other 2d platformers are the mid-game mechanics and my approach to this genre. The Game is planned to be completely free to play and should come out by September of this year.


Shadow Leaper

Shadow leaper is a 2D Arcade Platformer made using the Godot 3.1.1 Engine. The Game has 4 Difficulty settings, I recommend playing on the casual difficulty if you’re starting out and get the hang of it. The Game is supposed to be fast-paced. It is divided among 10 Levels, some of which are very difficult to complete, especially on harder difficulty modes. The Game saves your high scores, so you can always beat your high score if you complete the game.

Blank Overdrive

Blank Overdrive is a text based adventure game, with a branching story line. You play as a captain of a patrolling fleet in the year 2103, you have 3 Crew members.